Learn fun ways to use the Reef Stamps!

Learn fun ways to use the Reef Stamps!

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Create fun cards with the Reef Stamps and Club Scrap's Hybrid Inks. Embossing folders help bring these simple techniques to the next level by adding depth and texture to your cards.

Reef Stamps

(The finished size of each card is 4.25x5.5", unless otherwise noted.)

Card 1

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Add the pebble image to the bottom of a white panel in Sandstone Ink. Layer the foliage images over the pebbles with Aqua Ink.

Apply Ocean Ink to the coral image; stamp in front of the foliage.

Complete the card with a stamped sentiment (Spruce Ink).

Card 2

Stamp the scallop shell image with Ocean Ink onto a Seafoam panel, creating clusters of four. (Be sure to leave enough space for the sentiment.)

Apply Ocean Ink to the edges of the panel with an Ink Applicator Brush to add depth and interest.

Add a stamped sentiment in Spruce Ink to complete the card.

Card 3

Stamp the foliage images in a random pattern onto a white panel with Spruce Ink.

Add the sentiment in Spruce Ink onto the right side of a Green panel trimmed into an arrow shape.

Stamp the kelp image on the left side of the panel with Sandstone Ink.

Adhere the sentiment to a layered accent strip. Add Liquid Pearls to the front of the panel to complete the card.

Card 4

Stamp a Gold panel with the urchin images in Sandstone Ink.

Adhere Green and Seafoam strips diagonally across the panel with Bookbinding Glue.

Flip the panel over and trim away the excess with scissors.

Stamp a Yellow panel with coral images in Yellow Ink.

Add a sentiment with Sandstone Ink.

Nest both stamped panels onto White to complete the card.

Card 5

Cut a White panel with a large circle die.

Add the coral image with Sandstone Ink.

Stamp the fish and sentiment over the coral with Ocean Ink.

Emboss a Seafoam panel with a large bubble folder to add texture.

Wrap the nested panels with gold ribbon and adhere to the front of the card.

Card 6

Stamp a White panel with scallop images in Ocean Ink.

Add the outline shells with Sandstone Ink around the scallops.

Align the solid shell image above each shell outline and stamp with Yellow Ink.

Add texture to a strip of Green with an ocean-themed embossing folder. Position and adhere the embossed paper below the stamped images.

Add a stamped sentiment. Trim the ends of two lengths of gold ribbon into a "V" shape; tie them together in the center with waxed cord. 

Card 7

Emboss a Green panel with an ocean-themed folder.

Rub an Ocean Ink pad directly over the raised areas of the panel.

See how the ink color accents the embossed images?

Stamp a sentiment onto a White panel with Sandstone Ink. Add scallop images with Ocean Ink.

Nest the White panel onto a slightly wider Gold panel.

Tie a piece of brown waxed cord around the end of the Gold panel.

Wrap a length of gold ribbon around the embossed panel. Adhere the sentiment panels over the ribbon to complete the card.

Thanks so much for joining me on this deep dive into how I made my card samples.

We'd love to see how you use your Reef Stamps, too! Share your finished artwork with us on our Facebook Chat Group! Not a member of the group yet? Simply answer a few questions and we will get your request processed in no time.

Reef Stamps

Reef Stamps


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