Create a Reef Podium Book to document a special vacation.

Create a Reef Podium Book to document a special vacation.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Tricia recently offered an online class for the Podium Book 2.0. During the presentation, students learned how to make an updated version of the original podium book project. After completing the online workshop, it's easy to repurpose the instructions to make another album - I chose Club Scrap's Reef Page Kit.

Reef Podium Book 2.0

Reef Podium Book 2.0 - Details

To replicate my album, gather a Reef Page Kit and the Components Kit. Use the paper assignments below when working with the downloadable Podium Book 2.0 project instructions and video tutorial.

(2) Paper A = Underwater Print
(2) Paper B = Green
(2) Paper C = Wave Print
(2) Paper D = Gold
(2) Paper E = Yellow
(2) Paper F = Seafoam

This 8x8" book features eight 7.75x12" inside pages that are folded and inserted into Club Scrap's unique u-hinge spine.

The finished album can be proudly displayed on the built-in "kick stand", or simply close the book to shelve it for storage.

The structure lies flat when open while allowing plenty of room for creative embellishing. Photo mats, memorabilia and other decorative elements can extend past the edge of each short page for added interest.

Reef Podium Book - A Visual Tour

The first inside page is a great place to feature this 4x6" cutapart sentiment. The photo mat extends past the 4.25" flap... when the page is turned, the seahorse image is centered onto the exposed portion of the mat on the back side.

Trim the border strips and die cuts to 7.75" and add to the flaps and inside pages. Staple (or tie) ribbon onto the tag-shaped cutaparts.

Trim the leftover 4.25x12" strips from Pocket D into photo mats of varying sizes. Add Laser Cut Shells to squares (created from scraps) for added interest.

Adhere the "This is the life" die cut to the edge of the flap, so the round portion extends past the edge.

Nest the circle die cut to the back side. Line up the companion die cut border (with round cutout) along the right.

Don't forget to utilize the 4.25" scraps left from trimming the border strip cutaparts. They fit the flaps perfectly!

Create a collage of die cuts, cutaparts, and laser cut shells on the back side of a 4.25" flap.

Create different shapes and sizes of photo mats for variety.

Two squares topped with laser cut shells embellish the final page of the book.

Why not make a vacation-themed album for yourself, or as a gift? I can't wait to fill this Reef version with photos from my latest adventures.

Which page kit will you feature with this project? We invite you to share your finished creations on our Club Scrap Chat group on Facebook. It's the perfect place to inspire, and be inspired by, your fellow Club Scrap fans.

Reef Page Kit

Reef Page Kit


Kit includes all of the supplies needed to complete eight fully-embellished 12x12 scrapbook pages. Just add a trimmer, scissors and adhesive.   Includes: (4) 12x12 Prints: 2 ea. Underwater Print, Wavy Print(2) 12x12 Gold Plains(2) 12x12 Green Plains(2) 12x12 Seafoam… Read More

Podium Book Components Kit

Podium Book Components Kit


This components kit can be used to create the original Podium Book as well as the Podium Book 2.0 project! The original project features a wire binding, and the 2.0 book features our unique U-Hinge binding structure (no sewing required.)… Read More

Reef Laser Cut Shells

Reef Laser Cut Shells


Package of four 4-part White Pearl laser cut shells. Trim into four separate pieces to embellish your cards, pages and other projects.… Read More

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