Rainforest Podium Book - Scrap special outdoor adventures.

Rainforest Podium Book - Scrap special outdoor adventures.

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On Saturday, April 27, Tricia offered a virtual workshop for the Podium Book 2.0. During the presentation, students learned how to make an updated version of the original podium book project featuring the Rainforest Page Kit. You can still purchase the Class Along Kit (while supplies last) and learn how to make this gorgeous 8x8" book with a 2" spine.

The finished book features eight folded 7.75x12" inside pages installed with Club Scrap's unique U-Hinge binding system, which allows the structure to lie flat when open.

The mini album can be displayed beautifully on the build-in "kick stand", or simply close the book and shelve it for storage.

To replicate this book, begin by purchasing a Podium Book 2.0 Class Along Kit (still available in limited quantities). Next, follow the instructions and video workshop included with purchase.

Finally, once the book is assembled, you can get to the really fun part - adding photos and journaling! I couldn't wait to fill it with memories from a recent cruise to Belize.

Rainforest Podium Book - With Photos

Photo mats, memorabilia and other decorative elements can extend past the edge of each short page for added interest.

Trim title and border strip cutaparts to 7.75" to fit the height (or width) of the inside pages.

Staple or tie ribbons onto the tag-shaped cutaparts.

Fill blank areas with additional embellishments, like the Rainforest Tropical Leaf Confetti (Card Kit).

I love how the staggered pages add an element of whimsy.

Trim the 4.25x12" (from Pocket D) to create additional photo mats, or to mat a 4.25" flap.

The Large White Tag features a cropped 4x6 photo, and fits perfectly into the Burlap Bag.

Once the project is complete, repurpose the instructions to create a hand-crafted scrapbook from any Club Scrap Page Kit plus a few additional materials.

Visit the blog over the next few weeks for a look at more albums created with different Club Scrap Page Kits.

Podium Book 2.0 Class Along

Podium Book 2.0 Class Along


Learn how to make a beautiful handmade book featuring Club Scrap's Rainforest Page Kit.  This 50 minute workshop is designed to help you create a hand-crafted scrapbook from any Club Scrap page kit plus a few additional materials*. The 8x8"… Read More

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