Reef Page Kit - An underwater wonder.

Reef Page Kit - An underwater wonder.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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The Reef Page Kit beautifully captures the intricate patterns, vivid colors, and diverse wildlife of the ocean. The tranquil color palette is nspired by the colors of the sea and stunning details of coral reefs.

Whether you're documenting a tropical vacation, scuba diving adventure, or simply celebrating the awe-inspiring beauty of the sea, the April collection is sure to add a splash of aquatic magic to your all of your creations.

Reef Page Kit

Though each Club Scrap Page Kit creates eight coordinating pages, you won't necessarily use all of them for a single occasion or event. Your best bet is to look at each two-page spread independently when selecting photos.

Layout 1 & 2

In this case, all of my photos do come from a single whale-watching adventure in Huatulo, Mexico. The colors in the photos couldn't coordinate better with April's color palette!

As you can see, I changed very little from the original layout design.

On the left side of the layout, two horizontal photos are cropped to fit a single vertical mat. (Whale sighting! A momma and baby.)

On the right side, crop a photo (stingray!) to fit the open space on the cutpart, between the sentiment and the circle.

Layout 3 & 4

The only change made to this layout was to rotate the two mini mats to horizontal, rather than vertical, orientation.

Wasn't it nice of Mike to wear a yellow hat?!?

Layout 5 & 6

On this spread, I needed two horizontal mats.

Of course doing so opened a can of worms as far as the arrangement of the sentiment border strips.

The solution? Swap the second sentiment strip on the left for the printed strip from the right page. A slight rearrangement of the remaining elements accommodates the change, and leaves a bit of space for a cropped, un-matted photo.

On the right, shift the placement of the horizontal mat.

Layout 7 & 8

Who knew I'd actually end up with more landscape photos than vertical?

Again, swapping the orientation of the mats required a slight rearrangement of the other elements on the page. I also added a single vertical photo to the left of the mats.

For balance (and really, a bit of creative fun on my part) I basically "fiipped" the arrangement of Layout 8 from the original design.

We love seeing what you're working on, too! What memories will you scrap on the Reef collection? Be sure to share your finished pages with fellow Club Scrap enthusiasts on our Chat group on Facebook!

Reef Page Kit

Reef Page Kit


Kit includes all of the supplies needed to complete eight fully-embellished 12x12 scrapbook pages. Just add a trimmer, scissors and adhesive. Need ideas? Finished pages: Handmade Book:   Includes: (4) 12x12 Prints: 2 ea. Underwater Print, Wavy Print(2)… Read More

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