Rainbow Gel Printed cards featuring the Prism Stencil!

Rainbow Gel Printed cards featuring the Prism Stencil!

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Create stunning and vibrant Rainbow Gel Printed backgrounds for your cards with the Prism stencil and a custom hybrid ink pad.

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Did you know that you can use more than paints on your gel plate? Experiment with different mediums to create completely different looks. For this technique, I created a custom rainbow ink pad by pairing Club Scrap's Hybrid Re-inkers with a blank ink pad. Visit this blog post for details on how to create a custom ink pad for yourself.

Rainbow Gel Print Tutorial

Open the custom rainbow ink pad and dab it lightly over the gel plate, being careful not to cross-contaminate the colors. Place the Prism Abstract Stencil over the wet ink.

Cover the plate and stencil with a 5x7" white panel. Rub the back surface of the panel with your fingertips using firm, even pressure.

Carefully peel back the paper to reveal the first printed image or "pull".

Remove the stencil and place another 5x7" panel onto the gel plate.

Rub the back surface of the panel and lift the paper to reveal the second pull.

Apply another layer of rainbow ink onto the gel plate. Position the stencil on top and spritz lightly with water.

Place a white panel onto the stencil.

Burnish the panel to ensure proper image transfer and lift to create a third print.

Remove the stencil, place a white panel onto the plate, and pull a fourth and final print.

Trim each print to 4-3/4x6-3/4". Adhere each to the front of a coordinating 5x7" card base. Add stamped sentiments from the What's Up, Buttercup? and Regatta collections.

Prints 1 & 2

Rainbow Gelli Print Cards #clubscrap #gelliarts #prism #rainbow

Prints 3 & 4

Rainbow Gelli Print Cards #clubscrap #gelliarts #prism #rainbow

I love the creativity and versatility gel plates offer when using different stencils and mediums. If you don't already have one, I highly recommend adding it to your selection of crafty tools.

Happy gel printing!

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