Make a pair of Glue Free books with the Prism Page kit.

Make a pair of Glue Free books with the Prism Page kit.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Making mini albums and books is a passion of mine. While stitching handmade books can be quite therapeutic and rewarding, it's fun to experiment with different book structures. Our newest project instructions transform any Club Scrap page kit into a pair of glue free books. The 5x7" size is perfect for preserving photos from larger events, and the 3.5x5" book is just right for sharing memories on the go.

Prism Glue Free Books

Making a pair of glue free books is easy!

  1. Purchase and download the Glue Free Instructions document.
  2. Once you decide on a page kit, determine your paper assignments.
  3. Trim and sort the cut pieces into the accordion pocket file (or piles) according to the instructions. 
  4. Empty each pocket, one at a time, and follow the remaining instructions to complete both books.
  5. Use embellishments from the page kit to decorate each book as desired.

Finished Prism 5x7" and 3.5x5" Books

I chose to make my books using the Prism page kit.

Prism Mini Book

Not familiar with the glue free book structure? The assembly is unique and very clever.

Inside, individual pieces are scored and adhered to create one long accordion.

The book covers are constructed from folding board wrapped with two interlocking papers - no glue required!

A scored spine piece holds the whole thing together.

Use the instructions again and again with a variety of page kits to suit any reason and every season. Works with our special release page kits, too!

Isn't that awesome? Two handmade books ready for gifting from a single page kit - for less than 30 bucks. The 5x7" book is ideally suited to showcase 4x6" photos and the mini is perfect for wallet-sized prints. Which kit will you use first?

12x12 Folding Board

12x12 Folding Board


Heavier than cover weight paper, but lighter than mat board. Equivalent to 18 pt. board or 125 lb. cover weight stock. Cuts easily with our 12-inch paper trimmer. Perfect for book and box projects, such as the Notecard Carrier, Triple… Read More

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