Prism Abstract Stencil - An Art Study

Prism Abstract Stencil - An Art Study

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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My daughter and her friend are keeping busy this summer learning new hobbies. Various activities included jigsaw puzzles, fleece "tie" blankets, and hand-painted pottery. After running out of ideas, I offered to teach them a few paper crafts. A recent favorite was gel printing. After a few hours of playing, they were hooked, and I was inspired to make gel print backgrounds for the ATC swap using the Prism Abstract Stencil.


Using the Prism color palette as my guide, I used only red, yellow and blue acrylic paint to create the backgrounds. I'm still amazed at the incredible variety of looks you can achieve with only a few supplies: Three paint colors, the Prism Abstract stencil, a brayer and the 6x6 Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate. What started out as "making a few background panels", quickly turned into an art study!


So, what to do with all those prints? Most were on 4x6 white panels, so I made an accordion hinge album to showcase them. To create a book like mine, download the instructions. In lieu of a page kit, I used plain black and white papers to construct the book.

I decorated the cover with my favorite gel print and a simple white border strip with a Prism stamped sentiment.

The inside pages house all of the gel prints made during our play time together.

Extra prints are added to mats made from the Prism Pack of Panels adhered to the center spine.

I just love how some of the prints look like big city street maps!

This is the third accordion hinge album I've made in a month! (Click the links below to see the other versions.) I adore this book structure and the ability to remove the inside pages, if desired. And Tricia's project formula makes it faster and easier than ever to put one together.



What fun techniques have you been playing with lately? We'd love to see your work on the Club Scrap Chat Facebook group. Stop by and say "Hi!" soon!

Happy crafting!


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