October 2015 - Big Top

October 2015 - Big Top

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

It's time to tour the Big Top! It's going to be a great show . . .



Our staff recently discussed the way our Deluxe kit is presented to potential members on the website. Since nearly 100% of new members choose the "Embellishment Option" as their side order, we have removed the other two options and will feature them as add-ons. If you are a member who receives the unmounted stamps or greetings to go as a "side order," nothing will change with your membership. The update simply helps us present the membership more clearly.

Now that Big Top is leaving the building, our full focus will turn to our October Retreat in Neenah! The Retreat in a Box kits will ship on Monday and Tuesday, guests arrive next Thursday, and the event concludes on Sunday. Watch for details about the gifts, goodies and workshops to be revealed soon. We can't wait!


More than a year ago, Rose Hackman suggested a fun theme to our design team -- Moroccan Spice. We've cooked up a gorgeous color palette of rich jewel tones and have some beautiful designs in production. Don't miss this one!


Jacqueline used a relatively large list of fonts in this collection since much of the artwork features her creative typography. The following fonts were most commonly used: Circus, DS-Romantiques, Quentincaps, and RM-Typerighter-old. These are the RGB combinations used for the digital color palette.


PINK R205 G82 B145
ORANGE R221 G129 B52
DK. GREEN R143 G215 B133
LT. GREEN R184 G227 B158
BLUE R19 G192 B224


Kay has already made several cards with the gorgeous stamps in this kit using the following CS ink colors: Fuchsia, Leaf, Lagoon, Tangerine, Earth, White Pigment and India Black.

This light-hearted kit will be perfect for birthdays, celebrations, baby showers, and any joyful life event. Check out the fourteen fun pages made with the collection:

IMG_2275 copy

I adore the set of twelve clever cards. We've included a unique gate-folded card that looks like a moving carousel!


More details will be on the blog tomorrow. See you then!


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