National Parks Beaded Canvas Project

National Parks Beaded Canvas Project

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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In honor of June's National Parks theme, we challenged our Artist Team members to create a travel-themed page, project, card or tag. I decided to play along this month and re-create a past Retreat project, the Beaded Canvas journal.


I used the Natural Canvas Fabric provided in the National Parks Deluxe kit for the cover and followed the project instructions to trim the canvas and matte board to the correct size. NOTE: I did change the size of the inside pages. Instead of cutting them to 9 x 12 inches and tearing the edges, I trimmed them to 7 x 10 inches and distressed the edges with a paper distressing tool. (Waste not, want not, even though the original torn paper edges are awesome!)


I added photo mattes and Cutaparts from the Embellishment Pack, along with rubber stamped quotes and sentiments to complement the photos*.


The National Parks Club Stamp Foliage added great texure.

If you'd like to make a Beaded Canvas book of your own, Tricia generously agreed to let me share the previously super-secret, Retreaters-only instructions with our readers today. Yay! Click the link below for your free copy.



So, let's see what the Artist Team created! Our artists' work encompasses a wide variety of great ideas, so click on the names of the talented Artist Team members below to see their projects in more detail.

Wendy Morris-Saponaro


Debbie Weller


Roni Johnson


Hetty Sanders


We hope these projects inspire you to get creative this summer.

*All photos included in my Beaded Canvas book were taken by Susie Kramer/Susie's Photography.

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