Meet our Special Guest Artist

Meet our Special Guest Artist

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

We are proud and excited to release our gorgeous holiday collection -- Watercolor Christmas!

IMG_3309 copy

I'm also privileged to introduce our special guest watercolor artist for this collection, Swarup Murthy!


Swarup and I became friends on Facebook in September of 2013, and we're both not exactly sure how that happened! I began to follow her blog, The Storyteller, after seeing a post featuring some of her watercolor art. I was especially taken with this magical image of a teapot.

I showed her blog to the team at our weekly meeting, and everyone felt the same way I did about her art. We loved it. I decided to reach out to Swarup to see if she would be interested in collaborating with Club Scrap on a special edition project, and she agreed.

This is the first time Swarup's artwork has been printed, and we are thrilled it will be with our limited edition Watercolor Christmas collection! You can choose from a scrapbooking kit that makes eight pages complete with instructions . . .

IMG_3308 copy

IMG_3317 copy

. . . a Greetings to Go card kit that makes twelve 5x7 cards with envelopes (no stamping required) . . .

IMG_3327 copy

. . . and a beautiful sheet of Unmounted Stamps.


IMG_3352 copy

IMG_3346 copy

I also managed to duck into the studio with Kay to do a little bit of filming with each collection component:

We are overjoyed that Swarup is willing to collaborate on another future project. We can't wait!

In the meantime, you can follow her blog, purchase originals in her Etsy shop, and enjoy owning her printed artwork debut today. Learn more about Swarup's twenty-year journey with watercolors in this post. She discusses how she uses a sketchbook to track progress, the tools and supplies she prefers, and her artistic approach. Working with her has been a joy, and you'll see why as you get to know her better.

Have a beautiful Watercolor Christmas!


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