Love Your Letters

Love Your Letters

Terri Zwicker

The task of creating a unique class for Club Scrap's Retreat is an interesting one: Full of "what if", "not quite" and many "left turns"'. I got to the top of the hill only to see another steeper hill in front of me. It's a valuable journey.


But there are only 90 minutes slotted for a class, not 90 days. And therein lies the rub. So, I'll just put you in a helicopter and fly you across those hills, and let you skip the "climb", the pacing, and the frustrations and allow you to be an instant success.

Love Your Letters; an exercise in cheating. There is value in a hand crafted piece of art, like handwriting. Technology is making our own cursive hand obsolete. NO! No, no, no. Embrace your handwriting style, use it on your layouts and cards. As I explored my own handwriting and brush lettering, I got better at it. There are a few tricks, one of them is relaxing. Just relax, cradle your pen with a loving embrace. And practice, loosen up your hand and wrist, draw a few lines of swirls, O's and vertical lines before beginning. And then, go for it.

So where does the cheating part come in? During my journey I created many cool little works of word art, and then realized just how hard it is to make it look great right off the bat. I took those little gems and had them printed in a light grey so you simply trace the letters with a waterproof/permanent pen and BOOM, instant success. It doesn't end there though. Life in general needs embellishing. Am I right?!?





Get out those long lost watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, glitter glue, and markers and personalize your piece.





Did I mention many of the prints are formatted to fit into 8x10" and 5x7" frames? Yeah, they are. Instant works of art. Perfect gifts.

Thanks for reading this entire post. Relax, enjoy, and embellish. Make your world beautiful.



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