Love birds special release today!

Love birds special release today!

Tricia Morris

Hey, Love Birds! Just in time for Valentine's Day, we're releasing a fresh twist on the Take Wing collection (09.13) with a brand new color palette and a fabulous selection of goodies!

Remember, this is a special release and will not ship automatically.

When planning our design, we decided to make a multi-functional kit suitable for cards AND pages. The Love Birds cutparts have been designed to adapt to 5x7 and 4.25x5.5" card bases. Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog to learn more about the card making possibilities!

Meanwhile, let's take a closer look at the pages.


Wrap white satin ribbon around the top right corner of the nested cutapart and attach the silver bird charm with a brad.

Use additional silver brads included in the kit to attach the tiny white flower petals to the cutapart.


This page set uses an old standby formula called "the 5/7 split." Eight "zones" are separated by border strips and the adorable rose gold dotted washi tape layered onto the Cranberry paper.

When we found these little fuzzy hearts, we just couldn't resist!

Intersperse them throughout your pages. You'll have a dark pink and light pink fuzzy heart leftover once the pages are done. You can decide where to put them.

The non-fuzzy flat back works perfectly with our bookbinding glue.


Allow the love birds to remain in the foreground by cutting along the tail and wing with a craft knife. Slide the nested photo mat beneath the tail.

Add a few white petals and a fuzzy heart to the ribbon-topped tag.


Wrap two lengths of dark pink satin ribbon around the border strip and accent with the other silver bird charm. Finally add the rose gold washi tape above the border.

Ten years ago, I suppose this quote wouldn't have made any sense. But it sure is high praise now!

I adore the entire Love Birds collection, and you're going to LOVE seeing the beautiful cards Karen created with the kit and a few formulas. Can you guess how many cards she made? More than 15? More than 20? More than 25? You'll find out tomorrow!


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