June 2016 - Boardwalk

June 2016 - Boardwalk

Tricia Morris

Our creative team couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome of the Boardwalk collection. When the prints arrived at the warehouse, we all gathered around to admire them. We relished sniffing the fresh ink and dropped everything to dive in. We're sure you'll want to do the same thing when your kit arrives, so be prepared!




The shipment of this collection marks our seventeenth anniversary! I am so proud of this milestone and extremely thankful to the diligent team of creative and inspiring individuals who walk with me on this journey. We are grateful to you, our loyal members and customers, for making it possible for us to do what we love. We hope to continue to send pizza boxes full of joy for many more years to come!

Schools are releasing for the summer, and we're happy to acquire the assistance of two college Sophomores at the warehouse. Emily Morris is helping out with retreat preparations while Rachel Rozicka is assisting Deb and Beth with production and fulfillment. It's so nice to have two extra sets of hands around here!


We're already having fun working with July's Office Space collection. The retro colors and patterns are right on trend and will be delightful for any topic you happen to be working on. (If you could get those TPS reports ready to scrap, that'd be greeaaaat.)


Jacqueline selected the Lobster 1.4 and TT Cottons fonts when designing this collection. They can be downloaded and used to create custom page titles or journaling to coordinate with your digital and paper projects.

Kay has already made a tidal wave of cards with the Boardwalk stamps featuring the following shades of Club Scrap ink: White Pigment, India Black, Metallic Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Earth, and Ocean. If you're new around here and haven't found the perfect white ink to use on dark papers, ours is fantastic!


The layouts come together in a pinch with all sorts of fun embellishments, but you may want to pick up some 5mm wiggly eyes to add a bit of whimsy to the crabs and lobsters. More on that tomorrow.



The twelve greeting cards feature some extra-special ribbon, adorable tags, sea shell buttons and a unique horizontal tent card structure.


Are you rubbing your hands together in eager anticipation? Being a Deluxe member has its perks. Your kit is on the way! See you on the Boardwalk!


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