July 2017 - Vintage Botany Deluxe Collection

July 2017 - Vintage Botany Deluxe Collection

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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Welcome to your stunningly gorgeous July collection -- Vintage Botany!

Club Scrap's Vintage Botany Kit Deluxe Layouts #clubscrap

Take a look at this beautiful, neutral color palette! (You may want to pin it for good measure.)

Vintage Botany Color Chip #clubscrap #colorchip

A Note from Tricia

Last December, my very sweet husband completely surprised me with a very special adventure -- a cruise on the Saone River from Paris to Cannes. I figure every photo I take will work perfectly on the pages we designed for this collection. We embark on our ship today . . . bon voyage!

I also want to give a "happy trails" shout-out to Brenda Nejedlo, who has departed on the RV journey of a lifetime! Meanwhile, Karen and Julie will be manning the booth at the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Lancaster, PA, on July 7-8. I am so grateful to have such a talented team both at the warehouse and on the road!

We want to extend a special welcome to our new friends joining us from the Dallas area. It was great meeting you in Arlington! Be sure to join us on the Forum and introduce yourself. We're a pretty friendly, helpful bunch.

If you're still up for a last-minute adventure to Wisconsin, we have just a few spots open at the August Retreat. Give us a call (888-634-9100) if you'd like more information about how you can join us! Can't make it but still want to participate in the fun? Reserve your very own "Retreat in a Box" today!

What's Ahead?

Our very own Julie Heyer suggested this theme to us more than a year ago. We found the perfect color palette and are brimming with artistic inspiration for our August kit -- Lagoon. Do not miss it!

Fonts and Inks

Kay is the very first person to dive into the new collection when she creates card samples with the unmounted stamps. She used Club Scrap's Amethyst, Earth, Sandstone, Leaf, White Pigment and India Black inks for her creations.

When designing typography for the cutaparts and rubber stamps, Jacqueline used the following fonts: Book Antigua, Edwardian Script ITC, and RM Typewriter Old. If you do not have these fonts installed on your computer, search Google and choose your favorite vendor to purchase or download.

Vintage Botany Deluxe Layouts

Vintage Botany Deluxe Collection #clubscrap #scrapbooking

One of my favorite items in the Vintage Botany collection is the Dandelion Overlay Stencil. The stem, leaves and white tufts are separate layers, but I chose to add them to this layout with our high-contrast white pigment ink. I can't wait to show you more assembly tips tomorrow!

Club Scrap Vintage Botany Deluxe Kit #clubscrap #scrapbooking #stencil

Vintage Botany Greetings to Go

Club Scrap Vintage Botany Greetings to Go kit #clubscrap #cardmaking

We've included a set of four angled pocket cards. The scrap removed from the front is used to create a second pocket on the inside of the card. The cutaparts include two tags per card, one for each pocket.

Club Scrap Vintage Botany Greetings to Go #clubscrap #cardmaking

Tune in all month long to learn about more ways to utilize this gorgeous collection.


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