Jacob's Ladder Instructions

Jacob's Ladder Instructions

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

The Succulents Deluxe kit includes an adorable Jacob's Ladder project!

Once completed, hold the Jacob's Ladder vertically and flip the top board. Watch the remaining boards go cascading down in a fun, interactive fashion.

When you're done showing off your creation, stack the boards and place them into the handmade box.

NOTE: If you purchased the entire Succulents Deluxe kit, you'll find a sheet of 12x12 cutaparts designed for this project collated into your full paper pack. (If purchased separately, the cutapart is included in the project kit.)

Let's get to the business of creating the box. There's no better way to construct one of your own than with the help of a handy video.

I hope your project turns out beautifully. Have a flippin'-floppin' good time!


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