How to Make a Receipt Organizer

How to Make a Receipt Organizer

Tricia Morris

I seem to have an "accumulating receipt problem." I like to save them until I reconcile my statements but seem to find them everywhere. My purse. My pockets. My nightstand. I devised this cute receipt holder to put an end to this craziness.




1. Locate eight 4.75x11" (#12) envelopes. Cut the flap from one envelope with a paper trimmer.


2. Reverse the direction of the flap on a second envelope.


3. Moisten the gummed flap, and carefully insert the flap into the first envelope, aligning the fold of the flap with the top edge of the first envelope. Press firmly to adhere the gummed area to the inside back wall of the "topless" envelope.


4. Close the first "pocket page" to reveal the second envelope opening. Repeat steps two and three until all eight envelopes are connected.

5. Trim the 50s Kitchen 12x12 Red Print to 11.25x12". Score horizontally at 5, 5.5, 10.5, and 11" to create the outer folio. Adhere the first and last envelopes to 5" panels of the folio.


6. To extend the front flap, attach a 3.5x11.25 Aqua Print and 3.75x11.25 Black Print to the 1" flap of the Red Print; round the corners.


7. Trim eight 4.25x10.75" papers from the 50s Kitchen collection and layer on the right side of each inside page.


8. Stamp assorted inspirational or humorous quotes onto the pocket pages.


9. Make a band closure with a 1x12" strip of the Aqua Print. Die cut or punch nesting shapes to cover the seam of the band.

IMG_8107 IMG_8105 IMG_8114

10. Get yourself organized, and April 15, 2016 won't be an issue.


After making this fun little book, I checked in the warehouse, and we happen to have a limited number of #12 Envelopes on hand in White or Gold Kraft. Stock up now if you need some.

Happy organizing!


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