Hooray Balloon Stencil - A tag to celebrate happy moments!

Hooray Balloon Stencil - A tag to celebrate happy moments!

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

Create a fun and fanciful tag perfect for any occasion with the Hooray Balloon Stencil, Ink Applicator Brushes, and Club Scrap's Hybrid Inks.

The stencil features two balloon shapes which can be embellished with dots, stars or stripes overlay imagery.

Hooray Balloon Stencil

Gather several shades of Club Scrap Hybrid Inks, Ink Applicator Brushes, a shipping tag, and sticky notes for masking.

Position the stencil over the tag. Cover the open areas of the stencil with sticky notes to isolate the round balloon shape.

Apply Fuchsia ink generously onto the ink applicator brush. Begin by applying color, placing the brush just outside the stencil opening, and working your way into the open space using a gentle, circular motion. Continue to blend the ink through the stencil until the desired color is achieved.

Remove the stencil from the tag. Wipe away any access ink with a baby wipe before moving on to each new ink color.

Reposition the stencil and sticky notes to cover other areas of the tag. Continue to add additional balloon shapes using different colored ink. (Remember to clean off the stencil between each ink application.)

Position your choice of overlay image over each balloon. Apply ink in a complimentary/darker color for each design/balloon pairing.

Fill in some of the open areas of the tag with overlapping balloon shapes. (Be sure to leave space for a special sentiment.)

Stamp the sentiment using India Ink.

Embellish the tag with a joy charm and ribbon topper. Doesn't this tag make you happy? I smile every time I see it!

We hope you will share any artwork created with this fun stencil on our Club Scrap Chat Facebook Group. Not a member yet? Simply answer a few questions and we will accept your request in no time!

Happy stenciling!

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