Fur-Ever Friends - Fluffy and Fido

Fur-Ever Friends - Fluffy and Fido

Tricia Morris

We have always wanted to release a special edition collection featuring our love for our feline and canine friends. Finally, the day has arrived for our Fur-Ever Friends!

(This is a bonus kit and will not be sent as one of your regular monthly shipments. We will only send it with your request.)





Our creative team's mission was to find a way to avoid specific breeds while effectively showcasing our love for our pets. We are so thrilled with the outcome of Jacqueline's efforts! Just look at those adorable kitty faces. (Attitudes?)

Screenshot 2016-05-09 12.03.47

And we've also captured some cute puppy expressions!

Screenshot 2016-05-09 12.11.35

The Fluffy and Fido kits have their own color scheme but also share the same Ivory and Dk. Brown papers as well as a print and a cutapart. The collections feature one dog or cat-specific print and one dog or cat-specific cutapart. The eight finished layouts follow the same paper trimming instructions. I reserved a few cutaparts that can be used as card panels to be sent to those mourning the loss of their dear pet. (Cutaparts combined with papers and ribbons from my stash.)


We even included a generous helping of adorable embellishments!



Lite members, order soon, and we'll include these kits in your shipment leaving the warehouse on Monday!

Tricia (and Flanagan)

Screenshot 2016-05-09 12.29.25

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