Craft Stick Coasters

Craft Stick Coasters

Julie Heyer

Create whimsical coasters from ordinary craft sticks using Creative License Jumbo and Art Nouveau UM stamps paired with India Ink. The addition of a gift box makes it a perfect Father's Day present.


Start your engines, and let's get crafty! Using India Ink, stamp nine craft sticks per coaster with various images from the Jumbo and Art Nouveau UM sets.


Tip: Attach a line of ATG adhesive to scrap paper to hold the craft sticks in place while stamping.


Continue stamping the craft sticks until the tops for each coaster are complete.


Sandwich two unstamped craft sticks together and adhere with hot glue or permanent adhesive. Note: A total of three pairs of craft sticks per coaster are needed.


Lay the three pairs of craft sticks so they are evenly spaced and measure 4.5" (the length of each craft stick).


Lay the grid ruler along the right pair of craft sticks and find the zero center. Attach the first three stamped sticks using dots of hot glue.

IMG_4622 IMG_4624 IMG_4625

Continue to add sticks centering them in between the previously adhered sticks until all the spaces are filled. There should be an 1/8" space between each stick.

IMG_4626 IMG_4645

I created a gift box using papers from the Creative License Deluxe kit. Cruise on back to the blog next week to see how it was made.


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