Forest Floor Remix cards in a matching keepsake box.

Forest Floor Remix cards in a matching keepsake box.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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One thing Tricia mentioned during her Wandering Bee Box presentation gave me an idea for a future project: Not only does the drop spine box make the perfect home for the Mini U-Hinge Book, but the inner dimensions were also appropriate for storing greeting cards.

Well, it's a few weeks later and I finally took the time to test the idea. Why not transform one of our card kits into a gift of greeting cards in a coordinating keepsake box?!?

Forest Floor Remix Card Kit

One of our most popular monthly kit themes was remixed as a workshop for the 2020 Expo circuit. Unfortunately, live events didn't happen that year, so very few people were exposed to this awesome kit and the finished cards.

(For a closer look at each of the twelve original card designs, view pages 3-5 of the Forest Floor Remix Card Kit assembly instructions.)

Forest Floor Remix Cards in a Keepsake Box

While the original cards are awesome, I decided to mix it up and transform the supplies into something a bit different.

To make a set of greeting cards in a matching keepsake box, you'll need a Forest Floor Remix Card kit and the Drop Spine Box Components (with instructions download).

Forest Floor Box and Cards

Building the Box

Follow the instructions for the Drop Spine Box using the following paper assignments: Two Dark Green (A), one Light Green (B), and one Fern Print (C). Trim the papers and assemble the box with the help of Tricia's helpful video.

Designing the Cards

The box makes a great gift on it's own, but why stop there? Since the Forest Floor Remix Card Kit includes a total of ten 12x12 papers, you're left with six sheets after assembling the box above. After browsing my binder full of card making formulas, I selected an old favorite using five 12x12s to make ten collage-style cards.

Follow the card formula instructions to trim five of the six remaining papers - one of each color. (You should have one 12x12 Medium Green left over.) The result? Ten awesome collage cards!

Cards 1-3

Don't forget to use some of the smaller scraps to decorate the inside of the cards as well.

Cards 4-6

Cards 7-10

Bonus Cards 11-12

Follow the 2018 Card Make 'n Take instructions to trim the remaining 12x12 Medium Green. Cut two 4x5.25" card panels from the Dark Green 6x12" (left over from box assembly) to make two bonus cards.

The card kit includes four A2 envelopes - the other eight are a different size - so you'll need to pick up a few more. I added eight ivory envies to the box so it's ready for gifting.

So what do you think? Is your head swimming with ideas? Even after each card is mailed or given away, the recipient will have a beautiful keepsake box to treasure for years to come.

Happy crafting!

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