Diagonal Z-fold Card Formula - Make fancy folded cards FAST!

Diagonal Z-fold Card Formula - Make fancy folded cards FAST!

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

Math is hard. Geometry is even harder. Getting angles just right? Darned near impossible! Tricia was determined to develop an efficient way to construct these very special Diagonal Z-fold cards. Now that all the calculations have been completed, making this card structure is easy and fun!

Mariachi Diagonal Z-fold Cards

Diagonal Z-Fold Card Formula

This new formula is now available for immediate download in our online store. There's even a video tutorial included with purchase. In it, Tricia demonstrates how to create a pair of diagonal z-fold cards - in less than 10 minutes!

Once the basic card structures are assembled, decorating the cards is limited only by your imagination. Embellish each card with Cutaparts or stamping - the choice is yours!

Tricia's Mariachi Stamped Cards

Gather two sheets of plain paper and stamps from the Mariachi collection. Trim papers according to the instructions; dry-fit the cards, alternating colors.

Add the banner image to the diagonal edge of each angled panel with India ink.

Stamp a sentiment in the lower right corner of the front panel. Knot two ribbons together, trim a "V" shape from each end, add to the front panel with bookbinding glue.

Waste not, want not: Add a coordinating stamped sentiment to the 1x4" scrap, adhere inside the folded card base.

Mediterranean Version with Cutaparts

This set of cards features Yellow and Blue Plains, along with Card Kit Cutaparts, from the Mediterranean collection. Simple and striking!

The three- and four-part sentiments from the Cutaparts are perfect for this card format. One part of the full sentiment fits each section of the Z-fold!

Baby, Baby Remix Version

After assembling a recent project, I had a few extra Cutaparts and embellishments left from the Baby, Baby Remix kit. What better way to utilize the leftovers than to make a couple of cards?

To replicate these cards, gather one each of the Baby, Baby Remix Polka Dot and Harlequin prints. Follow the instructions to trim the papers and assemble the cards. Note: The back of each print is plain white, so instead of flipping the medium-sized angled mat to adhere to the center outward-facing panel, simply add it to the center inside panel. I like the contrast of the white against the two patterns.

Inside, add the 1x4 strip to anchor the sentiment (Card Kit Cutaparts).

Meadow Diagonal Z-fold Cards

As we've shown, the diagonal z-fold card formula is designed to create two cards with two 12x12 papers. However, since the cutting formula for each sheet is exactly the same, you can make as many cards as you like, just by trimming additional papers! Visit my personal blog for more details about this set of five Meadow cards.

My mind is spinning with ideas! Looking for more ways to transform your growing stash of paper into beautiful greeting cards? Be sure to check out our full selection of downloadable card making formulas. Now that's what I call instant gratification!

Diagonal Z-fold Card Formula

Diagonal Z-fold Card Formula


THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT SENT VIA EMAIL Gather two sheets of paper from your stash and learn how to make a pair of Diagonal Z-fold cards. Tricia's printable efficient trimming instructions and streamlined assembly techniques make it easy. Download… Read More

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Mariachi Stamps


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Mariachi 12x12 Plain Paper

Mariachi 12x12 Plain Paper


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