Delft Double Accordion Album

Delft Double Accordion Album

Kay Williamson

Create this beautiful Double Accordion Mini Album with papers from the Delft Lite collection.

The finished size measures 3.5x7".


Score one 4.25x12" Delft Lt. Blue Plain at 3.25, 6.5 and 9.75". Score one 4.25x9.75" Lt. Blue Plain at 3.25 and 6.5". Accordion fold and adhere end panels as shown to make one continuous piece which will function as the inner accordion.

Score two 6.75x12" White Prints horizontally at 3.25, 6.5 and 9.75". Score a 6.5x6.75" White Print horizontally at 3.25". Accordion fold and connect end panels together to form one long accordion. (I planned my paper trimming so the printed border is at the bottom edge of the piece.) Measure and mark 4.25" from the left and right edges, 1.25" from the bottom edge, and 1.75" from the top edge. Remove the inside of the marked area with a ruler, craft knife and cutting mat.

Collapse the accordion as shown below and position with the U-shaped opening on the right. Measure 5/8" from the long edge of the inner window and cut a 1/2" slit into the inside top and bottom edges of the flaps.

Nest two cutaparts onto 3.25x4.25" Lt. Blue panels and adhere to the left and right sides of the accordion. Embellish the top edge with a trimmed cutapart. Add photos and stamped images to the inner accordion.


Wrap two 3.5x7" mat boards with two 4.5x8" Dk. Blue Prints. For best results, use CS® Bookbinding Glue, a foam brush and bone folder.


To finish assembling the book, glue the outside panels of the accordion to the front and back book covers.

Slide the inner accordion panels into the slots on the outer accordion. Each mountain fold on the outer accordion will correspond with a valley fold on the inner accordion.

I love the outcome of this project, and I hope you're inspired to give it a try!


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