Coffeehouse Pages - Perfect for cozy moments!

Coffeehouse Pages - Perfect for cozy moments!

Tricia Morris

The Coffeehouse Pages contain tons of space for life's cozy moments, even if they don't involve coffee! Stay tuned all month long for page finishing ideas to help you broaden your warm scrapbooking horizons.

Coffeehouse Pages by Club Scrap #clubscrap #scrapbooking #pagekit

The color scheme, goodies, stickers, ribbons, and printed papers will make a wonderful home for your holiday memories, meals with friends, travel photos, or pictures that contain any of the colors in this collection.

Coffeehouse Pages by Club Scrap #clubscrap #scrapbooking #pagekit

If you haven't had a chance to peek at the preview video, take a moment to check out the page assembly process. (Remember, the link to the full video is included with your membership instructions and in the links emailed to you at the beginning of each month.)

Without further delay, scroll below to learn more about the Coffeehouse pages. We had a few tricks up our sleeve!

Layouts 1 & 2

Coffeehouse Pages by Club Scrap #clubscrap #scrapbooking #pagekit

Use a craft knife to bring the latte cup on the 12x12 Cream Print into the foreground. Temporarily place the Red photo mat into place, and use a pencil to mark where the edge of the mat touches the edge of the cup. Remove the mat and cut along the edge of the cup, starting and stopping at the marked spots. Finally, slide the mat behind the cup. (More details in the video!)

Layouts 3 & 4

Coffeehouse Pages by Club Scrap #clubscrap #scrapbooking #pagekit

If you happen to have a few eyelets on hand, punch a hole into each cutapart tag shape and set with an eyelet. Tie a bow to the tag with the black taffeta ribbon and adhere to the layout with foam adhesive.

I've been following a helpful step-by-step bow making image and have finally mastered the art of making a pretty bow! It looks particularly smashing in the latte-colored satin ribbon.

Layouts 5 & 6

Coffeehouse Pages by Club Scrap #clubscrap #scrapbooking #pagekit

Do it again! This time, slide the right edge of a Black photo mat beneath the latte cup by using the craft knife trick described above. Adhere two cocoa shell buttons to the border across the top of the page with foam adhesive circles.

Layouts 7 & 8

Coffeehouse Pages by Club Scrap #clubscrap #scrapbooking #pagekit

Check it out . . . here's another fun satin bow using my newly-mastered bow skills.

We've designed a special spot to place the "bliss" wood word included in the goodies. Simply adhere to the cutapart strip with our awesome bookbinding glue.

If you decide to follow our assembly instructions, you'll be amazed by how quickly the pages come together. (And with three minuscule scraps, to boot!) Stop in tomorrow for more information about the Coffeehouse Card Kit.

Just brew it!


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