Card Sketch meets Digital

Card Sketch meets Digital

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Have you heard about our Monthly Card Sketch Challenge? It is hosted by Roni, a traditional paper crafter, and Annette, who is strictly a digital scrapbooker. Take a look at what Annette created this month!


Inspired by the traditional and digital talents of these two ladies, I thought it would be fun to combine the two and create cards featuring a bit of both. I love how they turned out.


Here's how to make these colorful cards for yourself. Print any two of the Paradise digital backgrounds onto an 8.5x11" matte white photo paper. There are four images in the kit and I chose the palm fronds and Hibiscus flowers for my cards.


Trim in half vertically at 4.25", creating one card base and digital panels which will go on the front of the cards.


Fold the plain 4.25x11" in half vertically to create a 4.25x5.5" card base.


Trim the digital print vertically at 4". Rotate the 4x11 print and cut at 5.75 and 5.25" to make two panels. Trim each panel horizontally at 3".

img_6486 img_6487

Fold a separate 5.5x8.5" white piece in half horizontally to create the second 4.25x5.5" card and adhere the second set of prints to the top.


Print other digital images from the kit onto sticker paper. Fussy cut the art, which will become the focal images on the front of each card.

img_6490 img_6491

Attach Hibiscus Washi Tape to .75x2.5" duplex paper strips to create interest.


Cut .25x4" divider strips to hide the seams between the two digital hybrid prints. Attach the strips to the panel seams with Bookbinding Glue using a Needle Tipped Applicator. It's perfect for those tiny strips!


Add a few of the Paradise Lite Rhinestone stickers to the strips.


Finally, stamp the "Happy Birthday" sentiment from the Greeting UM to the front of each card using India ink.


Look at how bright and fun the cards turned out!

paradisedigihybridcards 1116paradisecsd1

Want to try it yourself? Visit our Digital Store to download the art! Happy Hybrid Paper Crafting!


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