VOLUME Craft Along - Card Caddy Project

VOLUME Craft Along - Card Caddy Project

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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Thank you for joining us on June 3 on the VOLUME Facebook group. Together we learned how to make an adorable card caddy featuring Club Scrap's Petals Collection. As always, I'll guide the way to successful assembly of this beautiful (and handy) storage solution. BONUS workshop: You'll also have access to a second 45 minute virtual workshop where you'll make twelve greeting cards with envelopes that coordinate beautifully with the caddy!

Want to learn more? Here's a quick preview of the project . . .

Card Caddy Craft Along Kit

The Craft Along Kit includes the following:

Petals Card Kit items: (2) 12x12 Prints, (8) 12x12 Plains,(2) 12.25x12.25 Printed Cutaparts, (4) Leaf Tags, (4) Silver Flowers, Enamel Dot Stickers, 3 pc. Ribbons, (12) Envelopes

(1) Petals 12x12 Dk. Purple Plain
(1) Petals 12x12 Green Plain
(1) Petals 12x12 Card Kit Print
(3) Mini Magazine Die-Cuts
(1) 5x9 5/8" Bookboard
(3) Bronze Label Holders
(6) Bronze Mini Brads
(6) 5/8" Maple Buttons
(1) Foam Brush
Printed Instructions (Includes link to the video tutorial)

Additional Tools & Supplies

To participate in the Craft Along, we recommend also gathering the following items:

12” Paper Trimmer
3x14" Grid Ruler
Accordion Pocket File (optional)
Bone Folder
Scissors and Pencil
Paper Piercing Tool and Cork Board (or other way to pierce through paper)

Happy crafting!


Bringing your own CS® Page Kit to the party? You'll need to gather the following:

CS® Card Kit of your choice (or 4.25x5.5" cards to fit into the caddy)
(1) 12x12 Paper Color A
(1) 12x12 Paper Color B
(1) 12x12 Print
Card Caddy Components (purchase includes Instructions download)
12-inch paper trimmer
Accordion Pocket File (optional)
3x14" Grid Ruler
Bone Folder
Scissors, Pencil
Foam Brush
Paper Piercing Tool and Cork Board (or other way to pierce paper)

Bookbinding Glue 2 oz.

Bookbinding Glue 2 oz.


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