Make Bright Blooms cards with a clever sketch and formula!

Make Bright Blooms cards with a clever sketch and formula!

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Create five fun Bright Blooms cards with Tricia's free card sketch formula designed for members of our Club Scrap Chat group.

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Each month I post a challenge on the group featuring a sketch. Tricia took inspiration from the April 2024 sketch to create efficient cutting instructions to transform five sheets of paper into five multi-layered cards.

Bright Blooms Cards

Gather five plain papers from the Bright Blooms collection. The formula calls for one sheet to be a print. Make a "custom" print on plain white with Bright Blooms stamps.

Custom Print Tutorial

Begin with 12x12" White Plain. Stamp each of the floral images with a different Hybrid Ink color. Fuchsia, Yellow, Tangerine, and Red coordinate perfectly with this paper collection.

Continue adding stamped images to cover the entire 12x12 sheet. Be sure to stamp some images off the edges for best results.

Trim each paper according to the detailed instructions and organize the trimmed pieces with an Accordion Pocket File.

Once all of the trimming and sorting is complete, remove the contents of each pocket. Deal out each piece so all five paper colors are represented at least once on each card.

Final Assembly Tips

Tricia also provided guidance on how to create additional white panels perfect for stamping images and sentiments.

Select images and sentiments appropriate for both the outside and the inside of each card.

Add embellishments of your choice to complete all five cards.

Let's take a closer look at each card.

A trio of daisies stamped in Tangerine and Fuchsia ink pairs with a sentiment in India Black ink. Finish with tiny flower stickers.

Did you try the April 2024 Card Sketch Challenge formula yet? If not, you can find it in the "Files" section of the Club Scrap Chat Group. Not a member of the group yet? Simply answer three questions and we will get your request accepted in no time.

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