Bookworm - Book some time with our newest special release!

Bookworm - Book some time with our newest special release!

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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Even in the midst of preparing for the March monthly collection, we managed to book some time to create a beautiful special release page kit: Bookworm. This collection is perfect for book lovers of all ages. Read on to get the full story!

Members: This is a special release collection and will not ship automatically. If you'd like, you can choose "ship with my next kit" at checkout, and we'll be sure to include it in your next box.

Bookworm Page Kit

Here's a quick tour of what you'll find in the box!

Check out the eight pages you'll make if you follow our video workshop and printable instructions.

Layouts 1 & 2

Tune into the instructional video to learn how to create this cute little embellishment by using the Burgundy scrap cut from the banner strip on the bottom of page two. Combine with a scrap of the Taupe Pattern paper, and top it off with the adorable bronze book charm.

Layouts 3 & 4

Keep a craft knife handy to make a small cut along the curved archway on the Clock Print. Slide the upper left corner of the matted journaling prompt beneath the paper.

Layouts 5 & 6

Are you old enough to remember card catalogs, library card pockets, and signing your name on the card, promising to return the book by the due date? Transform the card/pocket duo and book plate into an adorable embellishment for your pages. Three sets are included in your box! Embellish with a few paper scraps attached with a sweet little paper clip.

Layouts 7 & 8

Bookworm Page Kit

After rounding the corners of the cutapart strip, clip with a Burgundy scrap, and layer onto the page with foam adhesive. Finish with a bronze book charm tied with a small waxed cord bow.

Stock up on extra prints and cutaparts sold individually while supplies remain in stock!

Prefer watching Netflix over curling up with a good book? No worries . . . this is a special release and doesn't ship automatically to members. However, we're happy to tuck this gem into your monthly box. Simply choose "ship with my next kit" when you place your order.

Happy reading!


Bookworm Page Kit

Bookworm Page Kit

$16.95 $32.95

Kit includes all of the supplies needed to complete eight fully-embellished 12x12 scrapbook pages. Just add a trimmer, scissors and adhesive. Includes: (4) 12x12 Prints: 2 ea. Clock Print, Library Print (2) 12x12 Blue Plains (2) 12x12 Brown Plains (2)… Read More

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