Make eight Bandana Layouts with the Page Kit!

Make eight Bandana Layouts with the Page Kit!

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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January's Bandana Page Kit is a true "photo eater". The color palette is so versatile, the completed layouts are perfect for photos from almost any occasion!

Bandana Page Kit

Though each Club Scrap Page Kit creates eight coordinating pages, you don't have to use all of them for a single occasion or event. Your best bet is to look at each two-page spread independently when selecting your photos.

Layout 1 & 2

Bandana Page Kit

These layouts feature photos of my grandson "helping" me moderate one of our live presentations on Facebook. Patrick seemed fascinated by the new kit unboxing and was very content watching Tricia on the screen.

Due to a case of "verticalitis", I changed the orientation of the two black mats on the left page. The rest of the page elements shifted slightly to accommodate the change.

Bandana LO

Layout 3 & 4

The next two pages showcase memories from one of our expos in 2022. Four fabulous friends volunteered to help Tricia and me with the booth and classes. These gals know how to work hard and have a blast doing it.

I tucked a fussy cut image of our "best friend" throughout the weekend - a bottle of pain reliever - behind the sentiment on the right page.

Layout 5 & 6

I recently went on a cruise with two girlfriends. We spent a full day in Houston prior to our day of departure. My favorite stop was at an amazing Mexican restaurant. We really enjoyed the atmosphere, and the food was phenomenal. The last four Bandana pages commemorate the occasion.

I needed to use the 4x6 cutapart as a photo mat, but couldn't bear to cover the sentiment. The page was already assembled, ready for photos, so what's a girl to do? The solution: Gently lift the bottom half of the cutapart, tuck a cutting mat beneath it, and use a craft knife and grid ruler to carefully remove the sentiment portion. Top with a photo and no one will ever know!

Mat the cropped sentiment with black, and adhere near the bottom of the page.

Layout 7 & 8

Finally, a few more photos from the restaurant.

Very little was changed on this two-page spread. Crop an extra photo to fit to the left of the Soft White horizontal mat.

I look forward to seeing what memories you'll scrap on the Bandana collection. Be sure to share your finished pages with fellow Club Scrap enthusiasts on our Chat group on Facebook!

Bandana Page Kit

Bandana Page Kit


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