Assembly Line Card Making Remix

Assembly Line Card Making Remix

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

My oldest son, Hunter, recently graduated from high school. His graduation party is this weekend, so I wanted to have a batch of "Thank You" cards ready.


His school colors are blue and white, so papers from The Blues collection were a perfect match. So how do you make a nice bundle of cards in a very short time? Tricia's ALCM formulas of course! So I grabbed my The Blues Club Stamp Assorted Paper Pack.


Instead of using the card formula from The Blues, I opted to use the Reunion 1214ALCM instructions. I wanted the focus to be on the beautiful shades of blue in the collection and less about the music-related artwork. This formula produces 14 cards . . . perfect!


A quick paper substitution and I was in business. (To see the exact substitutions I made, see the bottom of this post.) One change: The strips created in step 3b were trimmed into banner shapes.

Each card was stamped with a "Thank You" sentiment from past Greeting UMs.


The smallest square element reminded me of Hunter's graduation cap, so I tried to replicate the look with a brad and navy hemp fiber. I used foam adhesive to attach them to the card.


I encourage you to grab an ALCM formula and mix it up some time. Have a creative day!

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The Blues substitutions:

  • Reunion Tan Print = Grey Print
  • Reunion Ivory Text Print = White Text Print
  • Reunion Red Plain = Medium Blue Plain
  • Reunion Brown Plain = Navy Blue Plain
  • Reunion Ivory Plain = White Plain
  • Reunion Blue Plain = Light Blue Plain

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