Alcohol Stamping - This technique rocks!

Alcohol Stamping - This technique rocks!

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

Create unique inky backgrounds with the alcohol stamping technique. I had a blast experimenting with Alcohol inks and Metallic Mixatives on the Yupo paper included in the Geodes Card Kit.

Alcohol Stamping Technique #clubscrap #alcoholinks #technique #stamping

Alcohol Stamping

Make a background on Yupo paper with Alcohol Inks (Bottle, Citrus, Sailboat Blue and Eggplant) along with Gold Metallic Mixative.

Saturate a folded baby wipe with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Position the gecko stamps onto an acrylic block and press into the baby wipe.

Stamp gently onto the alcohol-inked Yupo paper, being careful not to slide the image.

The alcohol reacts with the inks and sticks to the stamp, leaving the gecko imprints on the Yupo paper!

Alcohol Stamping Technique #clubscrap #alcoholinks #technique #stamping

The Alcohol ink will transfer to the stamp. Keep a separate white panel handy, and stamp the image.

Card Assembly

Trim the inked panel to 4x5.25". Cut the alcohol ink stamped panel into 1x5.5 and 2x3.5" panels for sentiments. Trim a 2.25x3.75" Geodes Purple panel.

Gather a 6" piece of purple satin ribbon. Tie a 3" piece of ribbon around the 6" strip and secure with a knot.

Add the ribbon to the back of the inked panel with tape and then center onto the front of a 4.25x5.5" folded Teal card base.

Adhere a portion of the alcohol inked panel onto the gecko strip. Lay the sentiment onto the panel to ensure proper placement.

Place sentiment strip into a stamping platform and secure with magnets. Position the "happy birthday" sentiment stamp onto the panel.

Close the door on the platform onto the stamp to pick it up.

Add India Ink and press onto the panel. Continue to re-ink and stamp for a crisp stamped sentiment.

Repeat this process with the second sentiment.

Adhere the HAPPY BIRTHDAY strip onto the inside of the card.

Layer the MAGIC sentiment onto the Purple panel and adhere to the front of the card over the satin ribbon.

Alcohol Stamping Technique #clubscrap #alcoholinks #technique #stamping

Let's take another look at the finished card.

Alcohol Stamping Technique #clubscrap #alcoholinks #technique #stamping

I hope you will give this technique a try, it really rocks. Happy Crafting!


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