Adirondacks Blog Hop & Linky Party

Adirondacks Blog Hop & Linky Party

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Welcome to the May Blog Hop and Linky Party! We appreciate you joining us as we share pages, cards, and other projects featuring the gorgeous Adirondacks collection.

I hope y'all aren't sick of me sharing my finished ALSB layouts, but I had no trouble whatsoever finishing my Lite pages this month . Dad's nature photos practically jumped onto the paper! I love the versatility of ALSB. In order to accommodate the photos I had on hand, I rearranged the page pairs a bit. (So no, you do not need glasses. My pages aren't in the same order as Tricia's ALSB instructions.)

Adirondacks Lite Layouts 1 & 2

Add extra photos to the open space as desired.

Finished Adirondacks Lite Layouts

Adirondacks Lite Layouts 3 & 6

Finished Adirondacks Lite Layouts

Adirondacks Lite Layouts 5 & 4

Die cut letters from Poppy Plain to create the page title.

Finished Adirondacks Lite Layouts

Adirondacks Lite Layouts 7 & 8

Finished Adirondacks Lite Layouts

And now it’s YOUR turn to make something with your Adirondacks collection. 

Are you ready to see what our other bloggers are up to? Wendy is your next stop. I’ve included a full list of bloggers below, just in case.

Made by Wendy Bellino

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