How to make the most efficient mini book ever!

How to make the most efficient mini book ever!

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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Introducing the M.E.M.B.E.R. Album - The Most Efficient Mini Book Ever Released! With our online class featuring Tricia's expert guidance, you'll learn how to make a stunning 6x6 handmade mini book with Club Scrap's Luminary Page Kit. No stitching required!

M.E.M.B.E.R. Album

Member Album Mini Book

This online workshop is designed to help you create a hand-crafted mini album from any Club Scrap Page Kit plus a few additional materials.

The album features a sturdy cover made from Folding Board, and a ribbon closure keeps the book's contents secure.

Pockets installed on the front and back inside covers include a removable insert, perfect for displaying additional photos.

The 6x6" book features four sets of folded 5.75x11.5" inside pages installed with Tricia's unique U-Hinge binding system.

Four trifold pages create interest and provide extra space for photos and embellishments.

The M.E.M.B.E.R. Album Class Kit includes:

Luminary Items: (4) 12x12 Prints • (8) 12x12 Plains • (2) 12.25x12.25" Printed Cutaparts • (12) 4.25x6.25 Photo Mats • (1) Gold Doily• (3) Sunburst Gems• (3) Medallion Charms• 6x6 Masking Stencil• (3) Ribbons

(1) 12x12 Black Folding Board
Workshop Video

Additional Tools & Supplies

To participate in the online workshop, we highly recommend gathering the following:

CS® Bookbinding Glue in a Needle-tipped Applicator (essential)
12” Paper Trimmer
3x14" Grid Ruler
ScorPal 1/8s
Accordion Pocket File
Bone Folder
Scissors and Pencil

If you're brand new to making this type of book structure, we highly recommend viewing the entire presentation prior to trimming the papers and making the project. Then, watch again while working at your own pace to ensure success! We promise you'll learn lots of tips and techniques along the way that will help you complete other similar projects in the future.

We hope you'll join us!


MEMBER Album with Luminary

MEMBER Album with Luminary


Enjoy the incredible process of transforming one Luminary Page Kit into a stunning 6x6" photo album. You'll trim the papers and strategically sort and assemble them into pages, mats, pockets with inserts, and tri-folded expansions. The cover of the book is… Read More

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