2019 Bonus Page Formulas - More Inspiration!

2019 Bonus Page Formulas - More Inspiration!

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Since July 2011, in addition to the monthly kit instructions, members receive bonus page formulas. Each formula creates a two-page spread, and can be made using any paper from your stash. I lovingly refer to these gems as “stash-busters”!

Yesterday I shared finished layouts created using the page formulas from the first half of 2019. Ready to check out the rest?


0719 Bonus Sketch

Utilize the sketch "as is" or change it up to suit your needs. In this case, I flipped the layout to create an open space for the die cut flowers to carry across both pages.

0719 Bonus Page Formula Layout

Rotate the entire page 90 degrees to accommodate vertical vs. horizontal photos as needed.

0719 Bonus Page Formula Layout


0819 Bonus Sketch

Tricia's paper selection was perfect with photos from the Anniversary Cruise.

0819 Bonus Page Formula Layout

Pairing the same formula with different papers completely changes the look of the overall layout. Die cut and cut file leaves embellish the pages.

0819 Bonus Page Formula Layout


0919 Bonus Sketch

The grid on this formula is probably one of my favorite elements from 2019. Not only does it have space for lots of photos (up to 16!), it looks cool, too.

0919 Bonus Page Formula Layout

Even though Tricia and I both used the Falling Leaves collection for our pages, using different papers and a slightly different arrangement gives each their own individual flair. Handmade paper panels make unique mats for die cut leaf embellishments.

0919 Bonus Page Formula Layout


1019 Bonus Sketch

Not only did this layout come together easily, I was tickled to discover the globe stamp image fit the little circles perfectly!

1019 Bonus Page Formula Layout


1119 Bonus Sketch

Another great formula with tons of potential. Don't have smaller photos for the mini square mats? Create a title with die cut letters, or use them to frame other embellishments.

1119 Bonus Page Formula Layout


1219 Bonus Sketch

I don't know how Tricia does it, but I was amazed at how this grid design came together perfectly with a 1/4" border around each piece. Math is not my gift, so I'm thankful she does it for me!

1219 Bonus Page Formula Layout

If you’re looking to wipe out that paper stash, these formulas are just the ticket.

Current Members: Download your 2019 layout formulas by January 15. After that, they move to our digital store for purchase as a download: Twelve page formulas for just $5.95.

Non-members: Head over to the digital/hybrid store and download one or more layout formula collections from the past. (Helpful hint: The 2012 download contains six extra formulas from 2011 . . . that’s 18 formulas for the price of twelve!)

Happy scrapping, and Happy New Year!

MEMBERS: Not sure how to find your bonus page formulas? Find the link in your member-exclusive email sent on or around the first of each month. Click on the “bonus page formula” block and save it to your computer. The email looks like this:

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