2014 Holiday Blog Hop

2014 Holiday Blog Hop

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Welcome to our Holiday Blog Hop!


I recently organized (and participated in) Club Scrap's 2014 Christmas Card Swap. We had 23 forum members participate, so after all of the cards were swapped out, each participant received 22 awesome Christmas cards made by their forum friends. I always save my swapped cards, so I needed a handy place to store them. My friends and family seem to enjoy browsing all of the handmade cards I receive each year, so I wanted to create a useful, yet decorative, solution.

2014-12-16 10.04.56

I've been hanging on to this faux book box for years. It was quite hideous in its original state (in hind site, I really should have taken a "before" photo).

2014-12-16 10.03.50

But after decorating it with I'll Be Gnome for Christmas papers and stamps, I now have something I'll be proud to display each holiday for years to come.

2014-12-16 10.03.08

Shall we see what the other bloggers are up to? Today we have nine talented artists sharing their creations made using elements from the I'll Be Gnome for Christmas and Homemade Holiday collections. And as our special holiday gift to you, save an additional 10% on holiday items, TODAY ONLY (12/17/14). Next up is Donna over at the Crafty Colonel -- I just know she's got something amazing waiting for you there. A full list of the bloggers is below, just in case you get lost along the way:

Club Scrap

Donna at the Crafty Colonel

Julie at Cape Cod Scrapper

Inkstains with Roni

Tricia at The Efficient Crafter

Hetty at Craft Chaos

Made by Wendy Bellino

Kay's Keepsakes

Annette's Digital Musings

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