Accordion Hinge Album - Fall Volume Event

Welcome! I'm so glad you found your way to the information page as a result of GLSE's Fall Volume Event! Read on to download instructions, learn more about Club Scrap, and visit links to the tools and supplies used in the project.

Club Scrap staff and members working at an "actual" expo. Imagine you're right there with us!

Accordion Hinge Book Instructions

Accordion Hinge Books made with the Cape Cod Remix, Beautiful Noise Page Kit, and Gone Wild Remix.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation of one of my favorite book structures -- the accordion hinge book. Click the link below to purchase a copy of the detailed instructions.


Next, take some time to watch the full online workshop to help you trim, prep, and assemble your own Accordion Hinge Book! I recommend watching the video first, and then reviewing again while actually making the project. You can also adjust the speed of the video to .75 or even .5 to adapt to your own pace. Or, just press pause as needed!

Tools and Supplies You May Want

I’ve spent more than 21 years finding the best, most efficient ways to use our favorite resource –– beautiful paper! I consider the following tools essential to successful paper crafting.

12″ Paper Trimmer – This model is my absolute favorite. It’s a light-weight, economical, self-sharpening work horse. I won’t craft without it.

CS® Page Kits – I’m certain I’m biased about this, but our page kits are pretty impressive. They contain everything needed to create eight fully-embellished 12×12″ pages OR they can be adapted and used in other crafty projects, like the one from today!

The papers are designed and printed in the USA, and the collections are assembled by hand in our Wisconsin warehouse. I invite you to subscribe to the original scrapbook club for just $21.95. We’ve been releasing kits monthly since 1999. (That's more than 21 years!)

CS® Grid Rulers – If you haven’t already figured this out, I do quite a bit of measuring in my projects. A simple grid ruler is a powerful tool that can solve all sorts of crafty challenges, like adhering things “downhill”. It helps to quickly find the center of an object, and assists in creating equal spacing between elements. And, we just released an adorable “mini” grid ruler! Check it out!

Bookbinding Glue - This is a staple in my stash of adhesive. It's fast-drying, acid-free, non-toxic, and useful for all sorts of great projects. Dispense it from a Needle-tipped Applicator, and one bottle will last a long time!

I’m humbled and grateful for all of the support shown to us by our loyal members and customers during these uncertain times. Our team of nine loyal employees loves what we do, and we thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

Club Scrap staff: Craig Hein – Administrator, Karen Wyngaard – never-ending hats, Tricia Morris – founder/owner, Ron Perry – digital/marketing, Beth Durie – fulfillment, Kristin Erdman – IT/website, Julie Heyer – member services (not pictured: Jacqueline Carney – designer and Deb Kropidlowski – production)

If you’d like to connect with the CS® family, consider joining our kind and creative private Facebook chat group.

Please reach out with a phone call to 888.634.9100 or email if you have any questions. We’re here to help and we hope to welcome you to the club soon!


Tricia Morris