Our virtual expo is happening NOW. Make two pages and four cards!

While we take a break from participating in live events, it's still possible to share an expo experience with you! Learn how to create a double page spread and a set of four nifty cards by using our unique formulas. This "make 'n take" is 100% free!

The Club Scrap crew and member volunteers at an actual expo, back in the day!

Normally, you'd see our booth on the show floor and take a seat at the table to choose a page or card kit. Today, you'll simply select 12x12" papers from your stash. A 12" paper trimmer is also needed. The projects shared today are brand new and have been developed just for you!

Page Mini Workshop

Click the link to download and print your copy of the page formula. You can use the same instructions again and again to create countless pages!


Our club is built on the practice of helping you use what you have and use everything we send in an efficient and fun way! Once you get the hang of our method, it's magical! Follow along...

Card Mini Workshop

The same intelligent approach of trimming and assembling translates beautifully to our monthly card kits. This workshop will provide you with a mini experience of what it's like to be a card kit member.

Click the link below to download and print your card formula.


If this unique method is brand new to you, observe the process or do a "test run" with a piece of 12x12 scrap paper prior to completing your cards with beloved papers in your stash.

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We'd be honored to have you join us. It's our job to earn your loyalty, so don't worry about a minimum time requirement.

And don't forget your Grid Ruler Value Pack. If you purchase all three, it's like getting the 2x8" Ruler for free!

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Thank you for the privilege of your time. We hope to partner with you in your crafting journey, all while making it as efficient and successful as possible. Our 21 years of experience will serve you well!

Tricia Morris, Founder/Owner, Club Scrap, Inc.