August Bonus Formula - Explore crafting the Club Scrap way!

August Bonus Formula - Explore crafting the Club Scrap way!

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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August Bonus Formula Sketch

Wanderer Bonus Page Formula Sketch

The August Bonus Formula creates a well-balanced two-page spread that has space for 18 or more photos. To make the layout, gather four 12x12 papers. Follow the trimming instructions on the printable document, then assemble the layout using the sketch as your guide.

Wanderer Bonus Formula Layout - Karen

To create a layout like mine, gather the following Wanderer papers: Navy (Paper A), Card Kit Print (B) and two Orange (Paper C).

Since the Card Kit print features a fixed horizontal orientation, place the 4.5x12 horizontally, rather than vertically, on the right side of the layout. (A slight rearrangement of the remaining elements maintains balance.)

Use photo-editing software to crop and resize a series of six photos to 2x2; layer them onto a single 4x6 to save on printing costs. Once printed, trim each photo to 1-7/8" square and adhere to six of the small mats.

On the left, tie a length of ribbon around the vertical photo. (The same ribbon is repeated on the right side for balance.)

Adhere a sentiment from the Card Kit Cutaparts, nested onto Sky (Wanderer Pack of Panels), to the Navy Anchoring strip.

Mat both horizontal photos with White plain. Center one photo over the space created by the six square mats. (Notice how the addition of the White plain on the left mimics the white border of the cutaparts on the right page?)

Add a matted sentiment (Card Kit Cutaparts, Pack of Panels) and a journaling prompt (Page Kit Cutaparts) to the right page. Adhere an arrow woodcut over the arrow art on the journaling box using Bookbinding Glue.

Tuck a "California" 50 States Sticker under a photo mat to designate "where" the photos were taken.

August Bonus Layout - Tricia

To replicate Tricia's pages, use the following paper assignments: Sky (Paper A) and Navy (Paper B) Plains. One each of Trees (LB) and Mountains (RB) Prints form the base of the layout (Paper C).

So many photos! Tricia fit ten photos on this two-page spread - without things feeling "too crowded".

Several photos are cropped into 1-7/8" squares and reassembled onto the mats in a grid-like style.

On the left page, an extra photo fits the left side of the border strip. (Not sure what size to crop the photo? The 8x8 grid ruler ensures your success.)

On the right side of the layout, trim a single vertical photo into two 1-7/8" squares, and adhere to the top two mats in the upper left corner. A second photo fits the single mat below.

I'm quite happy with how well both sets of pages turned out. Even though Tricia and I utilized the same formula and featured papers from the same collection, the layouts still look and feel very different. What do you think?

Have you scrapped the August Bonus Formula yet? Inspire others by sharing your work on the Club Scrap Chat Facebook group. It's also a great place to explore the work of your fellow CS® fans!

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