Tin Can Tune-Up

Tin Can Tune-Up

Julie Heyer

Looking for a gift idea for a teacher, friend or maybe Dad this Father's day? This sweet idea has high potential on a low budget!


Here are some things you will need to get started.

  • small clean can (rescued from the recycling bin)
  • gesso (or homemade texture paste)
  • craft sticks (tongue depressors or popsicle sticks will work just fine)
  • washi tape (or tissue tape)
  • The Blues Collection - May 2015 (papers, fiber, stamps, and charm)

Paint a clean tin can with gesso or homemade texture paste. Recipe can be found here.

IMG_1083 IMG_1091 

Wrap a piece of scrap paper around the can and mark where the ends meet to determine the circumference. Trim the length of the paper at the mark. This will help plan the number of sticks needed to cover the can.


Line up the sticks and temporarily adhere to the paper.

IMG_1086 IMG_1088

Carefully remove the rounded bottoms of the sticks with a heavy duty utility knife and cutting mat, making sure the height of the sticks will go beyond the top edge of the can. TIP: It may require several passes, and it may be helpful to flip the sticks over to finish the job.

IMG_1089 IMG_1090

Remove the paper, realign the sticks, and adhere them in a row with lengths of washi tape. Flip the sticks over to the non-taped side. Stamp the music notes from the UM Greeting and piano keys from the UM Borders & Backgrounds with India Ink.

IMG_1093 IMG_1094

Brush Bookbinding Glue onto the back of the sticks and adhere to the can.


Wrap a length of sheer wired ribbon around the sticks and secure with a tight knot.


Create a rosette embellishment with an 8.5x11 print and die cutting machine.


Stamp part of the UM Borders and Backgrounds sentiment onto Grey paper with India Ink and layer onto a Navy panel.

IMG_1100 IMG_1101

Attach the quote to can with foam dimensional squares.


Tie a silver guitar charm onto the project with black waxed linen thread.


Just like that, your project is in the can! Make several for your crafting space and a few for your friends.


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