Paper Pasta Embellishments with Julie

Paper Pasta Embellishments with Julie

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

Create adorable paper pasta embellishments that coordinate perfectly with the Trattoria collection.

Paper Pasta Embellishments -

Paper pasta embellishments are perfect on Trattoria Deluxe layouts 1 & 2.

Paper Ziti -

Score a 1x5" Ivory plain rectangle vertically at 1/8" intervals.

Roll the scored rectangle into a long tube and adhere with Bookbinding Glue dispensed from a Needle-tipped Applicator. Set aside to dry.

Cut the tube into shorter tubes at an angle with scissors.

Paper Ravioli -

Trim the edges off two squares with pinking shears or decorative edged scissors.

Stick four adhesive foam squares in the center of one of the Ivory squares.

Remove backing and adhere the second Ivory square over the first creating a sandwich.

Add glue to the inside edges of the paper ravioli and mold around the foam adhesive with a bone folder.

Make any final adjustments to the size and shape of the paper ravioli with decorative scissors.

Paper Bowties -

Cut a wavy edge along each end of 1x1.75" Ivory rectangles with scissors.

Score vertically at 1/8" intervals in the centers of the rectangles as shown.

Accordion fold along the score lines pinching into the center of each rectangle forming a bowtie shape.

Add a dot of Bookbinding Glue to the back of the pinched area and hold until set.

Adhere the paper pasta to your completed Trattoria layouts.

Whip up a batch of paper pasta today!


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