Pack of Panels Star Book Tutorial - A miniature delight!

Pack of Panels Star Book Tutorial - A miniature delight!

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard


We've got a new acronym in town! It's a POP, and it stands for "Pack of Panels." This precious pack-o-panels is a half pound package of the same colorful papers used to create your monthly collection, all trimmed to the useful size of 4x6". (These are formally known as HPOPs.)

Deb portions a stack of each color available for the POP, weighs it carefully, slides it into a bag, and seals it.

Coffeehouse Pack of Panels

Use the POPs for die cutting, extra photo mats, card making and other projects. At only $6.00 a pop ($5.00 as an auto-ship with your monthly kit), you can't go wrong!

Speaking of projects with POPs . . .


After browsing Pinterest, I was inspired by this tutorial to make a 3x4" mini star book.

Coffeehouse Pack of Panels Star Book by Karen Wyngaard
  • (5) 4 x 6" Inside page - Color A
  • (5) 4 x 5.5" Inside page - Color B
  • (5) 4 x 5" Inside page - Color C
  • (2) 4-1/8 x 3-1/16" Folding Board (Please don't freak out on those measurements; just trim the cover slightly wider than the folded pages.)
  • 24" Ribbon (1/2 to 5/8" wide works best)

Score and fold all 15 inside pages in half so each remains 4" tall.

Coffeehouse Pack of Panels Star Book Tutorial

Next, apply Bookbinding Glue with a needle-tipped applicator to the short edges of each page. Paper B nests into A, Paper C nests into B.

Coffeehouse Pack of Panels Star Book Tutorial

Once you have five sets of nested inside pages, use the needle-tip applicator to adhere the sets of pages back to back, stacking a new set of pages on top as you go, to form the book.

Wrap ribbon around the closed book and attach to the front and back covers (leaving a bit of slack at the spine).

Finally, adhere front and back folding board covers, sandwiching the ribbon inside, to create the closure. Using folding board means wrapping the cover isn't necessary. Woot! Saved a step!

Coffeehouse Mini Star Book by Karen Wyngaard

After constructing the book, decorate the inside pages with additional papers and embellishments from the Coffeehouse page and card kits. TIP: The stickers fit perfectly and don't add bulk to the interior pages.

When the book is fully open, it creates a lovely five-pointed star!

Coffeehouse Star Book by Karen Wyngaard

I love how the covers look when made from our new Kraft folding board. Decorate with printed panels and other embellishments. Adhere the wood word "Merry" with BB glue. (Thank you, Target Dollar Spot!)

Coffeehouse Mini Star Book by Karen Wyngaard

There are tons of ways to use Packs of Panels: As extra photo mats, as card panels, with punches and dies, and so much more. In fact, years ago a handful of members created a document called "101+ Ways to use POPs". If you're looking for even more inspiration, be sure to check it out!

Like what you see? Add this awesome pack of 4x6" panels to your monthly membership for only $5.00.

Happy crafting!

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