National Parks Centennial

National Parks Centennial

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Did you know today marks the 100th birthday of the National Parks system? Club Scrap released the original National Parks collection last year. The kit was so popular, it sold out almost immediately. We decided to feature the National Parks Remix collection in our workshop curriculum for the 2016 expo season. Our workshops sold out, too! Tricia finished up her remix pages with photos and journaling. Wanna see?

National Parks Remix Layouts 1 & 2


Layouts 3 & 4


Layouts 5 & 6


Layouts 7 & 8


It's time to get out there and visit our nation's great park system. But as you can see, you don't have to visit a national park to utilize these awesome pages. Tricia used them for a visit to see her daughter at UW-Madison and a friend's family trip to the west coast. It's all about color! Happy anniversary, National Parks! Since the remix is almost sold out, perhaps we need to run this collection one more time...

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