Moroccan Spice Club Stamp Cards

Moroccan Spice Club Stamp Cards

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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Before we get started, I have some exciting Club Stamp news! You can now auto-ship a pack of thirteen A2 envelopes with every Club Stamp shipment for just $2.25! Let us know if you want to add this monthly option, and we'll take care of the rest.

I created the Moroccan Spice Club Stamp cards in the beauty of Wisconsin's Nicolet National Forest while at the Silver Birch Ranch retreat last weekend. This is the ninth consecutive year we've attended this event, and we enjoy it every time! (Welcome, new members!)

IMG_3658 copy

To transform your twelve sheets of paper included in the Club Stamp kit into thirteen cards, begin by downloading the trimming instructions via the link below:


Let's take a closer look at the completed cards:

CARDS 1 & 2

IMG_3656 copy

I used CS Earth ink and our handy Ink Applicator to ink the edges of nearly every panel and stamped sentiment. The look was perfect for this set. The multi-colored glitter ribbon is absolutely stunning with this collection. Add three strips behind the "beauty shines brighter" sentiment.

IMG_3662 copy

CARDS 3 & 4

IMG_3655 copy

The decorative elements hiding behind the Purple strips are actually one image cut in half. Sneaky! The ornate kraft tags are the perfect size for the "grateful" sentiment. 'Tis the season!

IMG_3664 copy

CARDS 5 & 6

IMG_3654 copy

Stamp the bold tile border image onto the Kraft strips with Amethyst ink.


IMG_3653 copy

This double-flap fold is one of my favorites! Three papers are cut exactly the same way and then interchanged to make the cards and panels. Use watercolors to color the square tiles and trim into fourths.

IMG_3659 copy

CARDS 10-13

IMG_3652 copy

The quad print always makes an instant fun background. Interchange the four colors/patterns onto four card bases and complete with a stamped sentiment or tag.

IMG_3665 copy

My pals at the Ranch retreat thought it was pretty nifty how I was able to create thirteen well-appointed cards with just one twelve-pack of paper. JOIN the inspiration and efficiency of Club Stamp for just $21.95. (And don't forget to add the envelopes!)


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