March Page Formula - I went a little crazy with it.

March Page Formula - I went a little crazy with it.

Tricia Morris

I loved the March page formula so much that I decided to use it for the Make 'n Take at the Scrapbook Expo this weekend in Irving TX. If you're a member, don't forget to download this great resource to help you get the creative ball rolling!

Here is the original layout sketch . . .

Club Scrap Page Formula #clubscrap #scrapbooking

Follow the paper trimming instructions and diagrams on the download to re-create the page elements, but alter the layout if needed to accommodate the paper designs you've chosen.

I selected the Daffodils White Poem Print (A), Yellow Plain (B), Brown Plain (C), and (2) Gold Prints (D) for my first interpretation of the sketch. The "lovely" word was the perfect size for the page title sweetly anchored by the narrow yellow strip of paper.

March 2018 Page Formula - Daffodils Collection

I'm working on scrapbooking a pretty incredible trip to Paris last summer. These were snapshots of our first hotel. The decision-maker for using these photos was the yellow tone of several pictures.

March 2018 Page Formula - Daffodils Collection with photos #clubscrap #scrapbooking

And this is where the fun begins. Check out the other paper collections used with the exact same formula!

Cherry Blossoms

I've attached white silk flowers with miniature pink brads to add extra interest to the layout, and I've switched the orientation of the 7x12 piece on the left side of the layout to be horizontal.


2018 Expo Make 'n Take Layouts #clubscrapexpo #scrapbooking #clubscrap #scrapbookexpo


Sip, sip, hooray! I incorporated two rubber stamped images from the Surprise collection to finish this layout with pictures from New Year's Eve. I had a few extra food photos, so I trimmed them into three smaller elements placed on the single photo mat on the bottom of the right page.

2018 Expo Make 'n Take Layouts #clubscrapexpo #scrapbooking #clubscrap #scrapbookexpo


Many happy memories of Thanksgiving Day found their home with this darling "folksy" theme. The photo mats provide a good balance between larger focal images, and smaller accent pictures cropped to fit the space.

2018 Expo Make 'n Take Layouts #clubscrapexpo #scrapbooking #clubscrap #scrapbookexpo

Vintage Botany

The vintage style and warm tones of this kit were just right as a backdrop for a walking tour of Le Marais, a very historical area within Paris. The small photo mat on the right side of the layout highlights the tickets from our ride on the metro. The unassuming printed background complements (and does not compete with) the photos.

2018 Expo Make 'n Take Layouts #clubscrapexpo #scrapbooking #clubscrap #scrapbookexpo


The location of the artwork on the 12x12 Ivory Print inspired the swap of the 5x12 and 7x12" pieces. This theme was perfect for a fall day in Wisconsin stacking wood for the cold winter months.

2018 Expo Make 'n Take Layouts #clubscrapexpo #scrapbooking #clubscrap #scrapbookexpo

If you're a new member and have missed out on these page formula downloads from the past, they are available by the dozen in our digital store for just $5.95. Thanks for joining me on this tour showcasing the versatility of the March page formula. I hope you go a little crazy with it, too!


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