Idea Deck Vol. 5 - It's back and better than ever!

Idea Deck Vol. 5 - It's back and better than ever!

Tricia Morris

We haven't had the Idea Deck 5 available for purchase for quite some time. I often hear Karen fielding calls from folks who are craving this collection of inspiration. Bit by bit, I've been working on freshening up the sketches and format of each formula, and we've finally wrapped up the undertaking. Somebody uncork some champagne!

You can now download individual suits of the idea deck in a beautiful 5.5x8.5" printable format! The original version contained two suits of 13 formulas for greeting cards (hearts and diamonds) and two suits for pages (spades and clubs). You can conveniently download the suit(s) of your choice based on your preferences.


Idea Deck 5 Digital Download #clubscrap #scrapbookingIdea Deck 5 Download - Clubs

We also have a new 3-ring mini binder available to store the printable files. Your purchase of the binder includes a printable to insert into the front and back covers of the binder along with several options to customize the spine. I printed my downloads on our new 80# bright white super-smooth cover stock, and they're beautiful!

Idea Deck 5 Mini Storage Binder and Printable Inserts #clubscrap

Watch the video below to see how I've printed and prepared my page and card formulas for my binder.

It's such a beautiful resource to have right on my desk. Here's to a very creative and inspiring week!


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