Heroes Cards - Make special greetings for your favorite hero.

Heroes Cards - Make special greetings for your favorite hero.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

Did you know that you can make a batch of greeting cards from any page kit using the wide selection of Card Formulas Club Scrap has to offer? Transform a single page kit into twelve very special greetings using a combination of three Club Scrap card making formulas.

Heroes Cards

Recently, I was given the challenge of making cards from the new special release Heroes Page kit. Challenge accepted! Read on for details.

Double Z-fold Cards

Heroes Cards

Begin by purchasing and downloading the Double Z-fold Card Formula. To replicate the cards above, gather the following: one each of Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Brown (Paper A-D) and the Flag Print (Paper E).

Deal out the individual elements so each of the four colors are represented on each card. Add altered Cutapart elements and embellish with ribbons/fibers and white star dazzle stickers.

Where appropriate, add light-colored panels to better accommodate hand-written messages on darker papers.

Round the corners of the "brave" Cutapart. Ink the edges of the wooden dog tag with Earth ink; top with Cutapart. Tape ribbon to the back of the dog tag and adhere to the front of the card.

6 in 60 Card Formula - Wine Time

This next batch of cards features two each of three different card structures made using the 6 in 60 - Wine Time Card Formula. Once you've downloaded your copy, follow the trimming instructions using the following paper assignments: #1: Dark Blue, Brown, #2: Red, Gray, and #3: Salute Print.

Set A: Two 4.25x5.5" Cards

Once the basic card structure is complete, trim paper scraps into banner shapes. Add fibers, charms or hand-stamped sentiments. (Tapestry 09.18)

Trim Cutaparts to decorate inside each card.

Set B: Two 4.5x6.25" Flap Cards

Embellish each card with inked wooden dog tags topped with Cutapart words. Add paper strips and border strips as desired. Tie a "courage" charm onto the front left panel of each card.

Decorate inside each card with Cutapart sentiments and artwork...

...as well as paper scraps and stamped sentiments. (Expeditions 10.19)

Set C: Two 5x7" Vertical Hinge Cards (But with a horizontal orientation)

Ink the edges of the wooden dog tag with Earth ink; top with Cutapart word. Tape red ribbon to the back side. Nest the "strength" Cutapart and the embellished dog tag onto the front connector panel.

For the second card, trim the Cutapart border strip to nest onto the connector panel; wrap with red ribbon.

Trim the star border to fit the open space created by the "hinge"; adhere to the inside panel of each card. Embellish with additional Cutapart art and sentiments as desired.

Slimline Flag Cards

Since special releases usually include extra full-size papers in lieu of pre-cut photo mats, they have the potential to make a LOT of cards. Rather than make 4-8 more cards, I took the opportunity to make two extra-special cards to give to two very special heroes. Deluxe Card Formula #12 makes two slimline flag cards that could also be used as mini albums, if desired.

To recreate my cards, use these paper assignments: Deep Blue (Paper A), Red (Paper B), Flag Print (Paper C), Salute Print (Paper D) and White Plain (Paper E). Follow the trimming instructions and assemble the flag book-style cards with Tricia's guidance in the accompanying video tutorial.

Finish the front covers using leftover Cutaparts, paper scraps, and ribbons. Create a focal point on each cover using embellishments from your stash, or a die cut badge and stamped sentiment. (Tapestry 09.18)

Decorate the inside covers with altered Cutapart sentiments. Add nesting panels to select inside pages.

Fill the flag-style pages with photos, quotes or other memorabilia.

So there you have it - twelve cards fit for any special hero in your life. Many of the sentiments are versatile enough for Father's Day, graduation, or for those battling an illness. I hope you'll start to look at Club Scrap special release page kits in a new light - and fully realize their amazing card making potential.

Happy crafting!

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