Hello Sunshine Cards - Let your talent shine!

Hello Sunshine Cards - Let your talent shine!

Tricia Morris

The Hello, Sunshine cards once again stretch the limit of what I thought was possible to accomplish with a dozen sheets of paper.

Hello, Sunshine Cards by Club Scrap #cardkit #clubscrap #cardmaking

This card kit will create a set of sixteen cards in three different sizes and two double sided pocket folios with a belly band.

Hello, Sunshine Cards by Club Scrap #cardkit #clubscrap #cardmaking

There is a forty-minute video workshop included with this collection. Talk about at-home, online learning! I'm always here to help you turn your kit into a successful completed project. Plus, the instruction download is recyclable. Substitute the kit with papers from your stash to make extra sets of cards.


Take a quick look at the card sets.

Hello, Sunshine Cards - Set A

You'll enjoy making the first set of eight cards. There are two each of four designs, one for each folio.

Hello, Sunshine Cards by Club Scrap #cardkit #clubscrap #cardmaking

To add the sweet daisy-edged ribbon to the card below, trim the length of ribbon to match the length of the Orange strip. Then, apply a thin line of glue to the straight edges of ribbon adjacent to the daisies. Next, carefully center the ribbon onto the paper and hold until it stays put.

Hello, Sunshine Cards - Set B
Hello, Sunshine Cards by Club Scrap #cardkit #clubscrap #cardmaking

The 4.5x6.25" cards include two each of two easy-to-assemble styles. If you happen to have a small daisy or flower punch in your stash, punch a few Dk. Yellow flowers from the small pile of scraps, and center them onto the scalloped tags included in the kit.

Hello, Sunshine Cards - Set C
Hello, Sunshine Cards by Club Scrap #cardkit #clubscrap #cardmaking

The third set of 5x7" pocket cards are packed full of sunshine! Plus, the tag in the pocket and double up as a sweet bookmark for the avid reader in your life. Decorate the handmade card pockets with ribbon, laser cut daisies, and daisies from the cutaparts.

Hello, Sunshine - Folios
Hello, Sunshine Cards by Club Scrap #cardkit #clubscrap #cardmaking

To successfully create the folios, it is important to score the base paper accurately and to precisely remove the areas as indicated in the instructions and video tutorial. I'll help you every step of the way!

Here's the cool part. If you really aren't up to making the folios, simply trim the base papers for the folios horizontally at 5.5", and you'll have enough paper to make four additional cards.

Have fun spreading the joy of your creativity. Happy cardmaking.


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