Golden Hour Spoiler Time - Just us and some sunsets

Golden Hour Spoiler Time - Just us and some sunsets

Tricia Morris

The Golden Hour Spoiler is here! Our apologies if you've experienced any website issues with the launch of our most popular monthly post. Thank you for your patience as we work on our complete website renovation! (Read more in yesterday's post.)

So, without further delay, scroll on to learn more about the November collection.

Golden Hour Spoiler - Page Kit

The stencil, goodies, ribbons, die cuts, prints, and papers combine to create one of the most versatile and oft-requested collections released to date. It's hard to believe this is our first sunset themed kit in our 21-year history! The warm, rich color palette is sure to brighten your day. Complete eight embellished scrapbook pages with this collection if you follow our assembly instructions and workshop video. It's like a complete class in a box for just $21.95! Join us today!

Golden Hour Spoiler - Card Kit

The Golden Hour Card Kit features everything needed to make a total of fourteen cards. (Two more than usual.) As always, envelopes are included to make sending easier. I'm sharing tons of tips in my video workshop that accompanies your instruction download. We're covering birthday, thinking of you, missing you, sympathy and anniversary themes this month. We even found a way to weave a little humor into the collection! Make this card kit yours for only $21.95.

Golden Hour Spoiler - Stamps

These beautiful stamps will be available in our online store after the first of the month. Or, simply subscribe to receive them monthly, and the stamps will be included in your shipment at the reduced add-on price of just $15.75. Pick these up, and you'll always have something amazing to drop into the mailbox.

If you need help setting up a membership to include everything your heart desires, please reach out at 888-634-9100 or send an email to In future months, you'll have more flexibility to control your membership right from your online member profile. Until then (and beyond), we're here to help.

Have a spectacular, sunny day!


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