Golden Hour Layouts - Pages that glow

Golden Hour Layouts - Pages that glow

Karen Wyngaard

The color palette and artwork of November's page kit is just so beautiful. I had a hard time deciding what photos to put on the Golden Hour layouts because I was determined to show folks they can scrap so much more than sunsets. However, I quickly realized photos of the "golden hour" (sunrise and sunset) are so stunning on these pages, I couldn't bear to not use some of them.

Golden Hour Layouts 1 & 2

Inspired by the wildflower printed paper, I couldn't resist scrapping these photos of the local flora and fauna. My father's photographs from the local park always inspire me. How sweet is that little chipmunk among the wildflowers?

Golden Hour Layouts 1 & 2 #clubscrap
Photo credit: Michael Chaffey

Golden Hour Layouts 3 & 4

When our flight left quite early on a return trip from Punta Cana, Mike and I woke up even earlier to catch the sunrise. (Folks who know me know I'm not a morning person, lol.)

Golden Hour Layouts 3 & 4 #clubscrap

Such a peaceful and rare occasion deserved to be documented on these pages. And since these photos are from a sunrise, I simply covered the "sunset" cutapart sentiment with an additional photo.

Golden Hour Layouts 5 - 8

Finally, the last four pages feature photos from a memorable sunset in La Jolla, California.

Golden Hour Layouts 5 & 6 #clubscrap

It was a beautiful evening spent with my husband and three children last June - a family vacation to celebrate my youngest's high school graduation.

Golden Hour Layouts 7 & 8 #clubscrap

These memories hold a special place in my heart since we were unable to take our family trip this year. Here's hoping 2021 will be better for all of us!



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