For The Love Of Book Board!

For The Love Of Book Board!

Kay Williamson

It's no secret how much I enjoy constructing with Book Board & Mat Board.

IMG_7740 copy

The new sizes and shapes available in the store make it so easy to develop projects like this one:

IMG_7734 copy

I created a 4x5x1.5" Book Board shadow box that holds a 3.5x4.5" Mat Board mini album.

IMG_7736 copy

IMG_7745 copy

I took a few pictures during project assembly that might help you come up with a few book board projects of your own. Our very own Bookbinding Glue is perfect for adhering the boards.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: Always use caution while cutting book board to the size needed. Use a sharp utility knife blade, firm pressure on a Grid Ruler, and a cutting mat. Make several cuts (up to a dozen passes) through the board, layer by layer, until you make contact with the cutting mat beneath. 


1. Make the box frame and base with a lid.

IMG_7647 copy

2. Adhere the box to a larger base.

IMG_7648 copy

3. Build the walls of the shadow box compartments.

IMG_7649 copy

IMG_7651 copy

4. Wrap the box with text weight paper from the Hypno collection. (I used the plain side to wrap the base.)

IMG_7717 copy

5. Create a pamphlet-stitched mini album with mat board covers wrapped in black plain.

IMG_7727 copy

IMG_7729 copy

IMG_7747 copy

Thanks for checking out the endless potential of our Book Board and Mat Board! What will you make?



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