February 2016 - Crewel & Unusual

February 2016 - Crewel & Unusual

Tricia Morris

Give a happy hello to February's collection, Crewel & Unusual!



As we all buckle down in Wisconsin for what will likely be six more weeks of winter, we're planning up a storm for the August and October Retreats! Nearly all sixty spots for each event are filled, but a wait list is available. Many times a spot will open, and we are usually able to accommodate everyone. If you're still thinking of attending, please add your name to the waiting list, and we'll contact you immediately if one should open up.

Deb is our point person for preparing the shipments for expos. She lovingly re-packages our kits for hanging display, prepares all of the make 'n takes and class supplies, and perfectly times the shipment to land on the loading dock on schedule. Karen and I will see you in Grapevine on February 19-20, and we can't wait! (We hear it's warmer in Texas.)  


Member Roni J. submitted the suggestion for a Paris Flea Market theme, and our design team ran with the idea. The collection will include a specialty paper from a European company making paper since 1888. We're featuring a cool color palette with a soft splash of color.


We chose the Voor font for its legibility and fun design. The shape of the lettering reminded us of a modern crewel lettering style. You can download it for free from DaFont. Use the following RGB color combinations to duplicate the base paper colors in this collection. Open the above color chip in Photoshop and use your "eyedropper tool" to replicate the full color spectrum implemented in the kit.


YELLOW 243 215 131
PURPLE 75 57 69
RED 182 66 51
IVORY 253 255 234
GREEN 193 167 108


Kay used the following colors from the Club Scrap ink palette which coordinate perfectly with the paper this month: Orchid, Ruby, Topaz, Tangerine, Metallic Gold, Pigment White, and India Black.

The set of fourteen pages you can make with the kit are so happy! They're adorned with such adorable goodies, you'll have no choice but to smile as you create!



The Greetings to Go cards are a collaboration of our entire team. Brenda selects the paper color combinations, I sketch and make prototypes, get input from Karen, Skype information to Jac, she sends artwork, we give feedback and tweak, goodies are chosen, cutaparts are printed, ribbon is cut, kits are collated by Deb, samples are made, Kay photographs the cards, I write assembly instructions, Kristin puts them online, Beth ships them to you, and there you go--it's as simple and as difficult as that!


Did you know you can JOIN the Greetings to Go card club? It's a deal!


Tomorrow we'll take a closer look at the Crewel & Unusual layouts and cards. See you then!


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